Now, more than ever before, companies are looking for ways to expand their reach and revenue without major impact to their budget. They want to engage, communicate and most importantly, make an impact within their marketplace. Companies are beginning to understand that one of the most effective ways to do it is through creating new business opportunities that do not require marketing budgets.

As the CEO of The SEG Company.—one of the nation’s most sought after strategist—Sherri Goodall has been on the forefront of  marketing and community engagement since 2005. Her unparalleled insight and creativity has helped her design an extraordinary marketing campaigns and community program that are truly changing the lives of those they touch.

Sherri quickly established herself as one of the leading industry experts when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility. She believes that having a fully structured program isn’t just about feeling good. “Times have changed drastically during the past decade,” says Sherri. “Companies need to understand that customers want to see them fully engaged in the communities they are working in. Customers want to know what are you doing to give back and make a difference? Do you really care about me and my needs…or just my money?”

Her creativity and “ground level,” insight have helped her quickly rise through the ranks and position herself as the “person to know,” for companies who are ready “get out into the community and make an impact.”

Sherri holds a BBA with a concentration in Marketing from Howard University and a MS degree in Internet Marketing at Full Sail University. She was a Founding Board Member of the Chauncey Davis Foundation—which addressed diabetes and fitness. Sherri also served on the Advisory Board for the St. Jude “Celebration of Hope” Annual Fundraising Campaign;  and has been a member of both The American Marketing Association and The Internet Marketing Association.

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